We are

Possible  Future

French Bureau becomes Possible Future

At the heart of our mission: the ambition to thrive for sustainable innovation, to have a positive impact on the world around us. To carry our voices and actions further, we are officially going global by opening a second location in New York to launch exciting partnerships and projects on the North American continent.


As we enter this new era of our journey,
we become Possible Future.

Together, we build the future.

Creativity – and sustainability. 

We imagine and we build the products and services that answer the business needs of our corporate clients. And we are committed to working in a meaningful, sustainable and economically positive way.


At the speed of a startup.

We dedicate our minds and skills to our clients to help them detect, design and launch innovation opportunities at the speed of a startup. For real! Through our Innovation Challenges, our clients go from a business challenge to an operating prototype in just 4 months.


We bet on ourselves – and on you.
We nurture and give life to our ideas in our startup studio. We don’t simply imagine: we test our concepts on the market, we confront them with real users, and we never stop improving our innovations.


Sustainable innovation. From ideas to launch.

Our methodology

3-4 months
to turn an intuition into a ready-to-launch activity


We meet experts & users, explore the market & trends, to fully understand all issues around our client’s challenge.


We imagine concepts (new products or services, whatever answers our clients’ needs best) and stretch them via three prisms : is it useful ? (design), is it viable (business) and is it feasible? (technology)


We build and put a Minimum Viable Product in the hands of end users and iterate on learnings to optimize, we develop a launch plan and a business potential projection that will convince our clients of the opportunity to launch

6 months to launch a Minimum Viable Product on the market


We launch the first version of the product and recruit the long-term team that will take the lead on the project.

Hack Growth

We go out on the market to get new clients and increase the start-up’s growth.


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