We are a hybrid company. Not only an innovation bureau, but also a start-up studio.

It has been our ambition since the creation of Possible Future in 2016. Today, our start-ups bring specific expertise to our innovation projects and our corporate clients, while at the same time our Innovation Bureau supports and enriches our start-ups. Possible Ventures is a start-up studio that joins together the talent of its founders, the striking force of its large partner groups, and our expertise in innovation.


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Possible Ventures

At Possible Ventures, we bring together our talented founders and our large corporate partners around startup ideas that we have previously vetted thanks to our innovation methodology. The right idea, the right team: the adventure can begin!

We use our entire network and skills to ensure that our start-ups focus solely on what is most valuable: their product and their development.


Clément Witz

Entrepreneur in residence

Noël Dupont

Senior Designer

Denis Lin

Senior Science & Tech Lead

Michael Medioni

Senior Science & Tech Lead

Ariane Dubedout


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