Direct, traceable and local carbon offsetting


We support the start-up Inuk: a service for companies to offset carbon footprints in a direct, traceable, local and impactful way.

Our role

Accompany the development of the start-up from its first POC all the way to commercial success.

Our support
  • Weekly coaching : Business model development, constant adjustments, advise on technological decisions.
  • Expansion of the first commercial value proposition : Shipping, travel, events, employees.
  • Business development : A business developer from our team assists the core team full time.
  • Ecosystem integration : Access to a large pool of profiles and skills at Possible Future (communication, branding, site and app development, …). Recommendation of Inuk to the Innovation Bureau’s clients and support throughout negotiations.


contracts signed
in the first 2 months within the studio


introduction to the community
and support in the network integration

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