Who we are

Since our creation in 2016, we have been driven by our ambition to give life to innovation that is both relevant and positive. This is the mindset we bring to our own company : in our methodology, organisation, decision-making, and mission. Over the last 5 years, this collective project of ours, our Possible Future, is in constant iteration. Explore the highlights of our last few years through this illustrated interactive timeline...

Three pillars for relevant and positive innovation

Our methodology is founded on multidisciplinarity, in adopting the best of three worlds and by drawing on the interactions of these expertises.


Coming from marketing, consulting, and entrepreneurship, our business experts are capable of analyzing trends, markets, and consumer insights, but also able to design the branding, busines models and growth strategies of our innovations.


Thanks to their exact understanding of user behavior and inventiveness, our designers imagine differentiating products and services, useful, and at the same time, desirable.


Able to detect technological and scientific trends, our engineers are essential for rapid prototyping and manufacturing of products and services.

Strategy, innovation and design

From strategic roadmaps to market launch, we bring diversity of skills, speed and agility to your company to bring your ambitions to life.

Strategic roadmaps

Imagine the future of your industry and your business to define your innovation strategy and detailed roadmap

What we do
  • Map areas of strategic opportunities
  • Craft custom roadmaps to transition an entire company
  • Define concrete actions in a roadmap and helping you implement them
Project examples
  • New business models
  • CSR strategic roadmap
  • Beyond plastic strategy

Venture Building

Capture emerging opportunities by bringing new businesses to market at startup speed

What we do
  • Identify market opportunities, white spaces and design sustainable innovations to capture them
  • Validate our concepts on the field, with a prototype, through a soft launch of the business
  • Bring new businesses to market and help them grow
Project examples
  • Pivoting stalling businesses
  • New distribution models
  • Transition from product to service

New products and services

Create the ambitious innovations that will grow your business tomorrow without disrupting your core today

What we do
  • Understand consumer tensions and aspirations, market, technological or scientific opportunities
  • Create innovative products, services, places, schools, models… and test them in real life situations with their end users through first prototypes
  • Determine growth opportunities and road to market of innovations
Project examples
  • Build innovation pipelines
  • Explore new markets or targets
  • Viable refillable & bulk

Working together

French Coffee

Every Monday morning, the team meets around a coffee and a mountain of pastries to discuss current projects. It is also an opportunity to test the best energizers for our future meetings.


Energizers that we also do during our meetings with clients! Because working together above all means working hand in hand with our clients.


“Bubble”. Borrowed from the texture of champagne, it is the expression by which we name all our convivial gatherings. They are “mini” every Friday, and on a larger scale (and often thematic!) every two months.

Smart Friday

Each month on a given Friday, we have a Smart Friday. Some members of the team organize a session to train (or at least acculturate) others on a subject that fascinates them. We’ve trained in business modeling, Google Ads, but also theatrical improvisation or simply making coffee.

Goutech, Goodies & Biztrot

Each house (engineering, design and business) meets every two weeks to share and discuss their expertise during the Goutech, Goodies and Biztrot. Engineers will say they invented it, designers that they reinvented it, and business that they made it profitable.


And to reinvent the company, our offsite is a key moment each year: to discuss our working methods, our mission, and invent new ways of collaborating, evolving, governing. This is where most of our internal projects come from, which can be carried out by all team members, regardless of their experience or rank, in order to move the business forward.

Let's get to know each other

You have a project, an idea, a desire, an intuition, or you are simply curious to meet us, do not hesitate to contact us.