We are

Possible  Future

Together, we build the future.

Creativity – and sustainability. 

We imagine and we build the products and services that answer the business needs of our corporate clients. And we are committed to working in a meaningful, sustainable and economically positive way.


At the speed of a startup.

We dedicate our minds and skills to our clients to help them detect, design and launch innovation opportunities at the speed of a startup. For real! Through our Innovation Challenges, our clients go from a business challenge to an operating prototype in just 4 months.


We bet on ourselves – and on you.
We nurture and give life to our ideas in our startup studio. We don’t simply imagine: we test our concepts on the market, we confront them with real users, and we never stop improving our innovations


Sustainable Innovation. From ideas to launch.

Our methodology

3-4 months
to go from brief to ready-to-launch innovation


We meet experts & users, explore the market & trends, to fully understand all issues around our client’s challenge.


We imagine concepts (new products or services, whatever answers our clients’ needs best) and stretch them via three prisms : is it useful ? (design), is it viable (business) and is it feasible? (technology)


We build and put a Minimum Viable Product in the hands of end users and iterate on learnings to optimize, we develop a launch plan and a business potential projection that will convince our clients of the opportunity to launch

6 months to launch a Minimum Viable Product on the market


We launch the first version of the product and recruit the long-term team that will take the lead on the project.

Hack Growth

We go out on the market to get new clients and increase the start-up’s growth.