How to Engage With US

First contact

The first and most important criteria to start working together is… a mutual eagerness to work together! So we won’t harass our contacts, trying to get a meeting at all cost.

It all starts with a simple conversation during which we will present what we do and how we work. So you’ll know what to expect from a challenge with us 🙂

At this point, if it makes sense, we’ll ask you to submit a question on a business topic, opportunity or problem that you would like us to work on. There are two scenarios: either you want to immediately launch a challenge with us or you would like us to explore the subject before making your final decision. In this latter case, we might offer to write an exploration note.

Exploration Note

Exploration Notes are a preamble to a possible collaboration together.

First of all, we will give you a 4-letter code name, as we do with each of our prospects. Our code names start with a K: KVAS, KFET, KINT, KAAT, etc… These code names ensure that when we discuss our clients’ challenges in cafés or restaurants, we’re not shouting your company’s name.

Then, we immediately start a pre-challenge work, by bringing together a team of 3 people (business, technology and design) who will dedicate 5 full days (and nights!) to deepdive into the subject. After a week, you’ll receive your “Exploration Note”.

The Exploration Note is a 20 to 25 pages document, we usually build in 3 parts:

  • Market analysis: what are the market trends? How are customers evolving?
  • Innovation benchmark: what are the innovative initiatives we’ve spotted around the globe on your subject?
  • Innovation possibilities: some preliminary ideas that could be followed to launch an innovation challenge on the subject.

With this Exploration Note, we aim at:

– embarking the team on a fast ramp-up to bring our knowledge on the subject to the appropropriate level to get ready for a challenge;
– showing our future client what we’ve got and trigger a “WOW moment”!

After reviewing the Note, we set up a second meeting with you to share our findings and thoughts about the subject. If you can’t help but to work with us (and we hope you will) then we can proceed… and launch a Challenge!

Intellectual Property

All the work done during a challenge by our Innovation Bureau belongs to our clients.

At the end of a challenge, a client can either:

– decide to keep the IP to implement the project on their own;
– transfer the IP to a “NewCo” to be incubated and launched within our Startup Studio;
– accept to transfer us the IP in exchange for a minimal participation in the startup we would launch through the Studio.

Confidentiality and Exclusivity

We strictly respect the confidentiality of our clients’ information. A full Non Disclosure Agreement is included in our contract when we start the Challenge.


When it comes to billing, we want to keep things as simple as possible:

  • Short payment terms and immediate down payment: we’re a (young) startup! This means we are very careful about maintaining our cash flow. We’ll ask our clients to pay 40% of the challenge fee upfront, which will enable us to book all necessary external resources for the exploration phase (experts, labs, poll platforms…) and to secure short term payment of the rest of the fee.
  • We split our invoices in 4 ways: 40% of kick-off, 20% at the end of the first phase (Exploration), 20% at the end of the second phase (Ideation), 20% at the end of the third phase (Prototyping).


We are a small company, and we dedicate our time and resources to deliver value to our clients. Therefore, we usually do not respond to RFPs. Writing the extensive documentation that RFPs require and explaining how we would adapt our methodology to fit some obscure guidelines would take valuable time away from our existing clients.

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