Introducing: Possible Future

Our mission

We are a business innovation studio dedicated to large corporations.

We are a team of designers, engineers, business strategists, entrepreneurs and marketing experts, united by our audacity and desire to create a positive impact in the world. We like to challenge things.

We have gathered this unique set of high-end skills to help our clients craft meaningful new businesses, services and products at the pace and budget of a startup.

We believe in doing. We believe the real value of an idea is revealed when you prototype it and whenyou expose consumers to it, in real life. So that’s what we do: we dream and we make.

Advocates for a Positive Economy

As innovators, we strive to contribute to a positive economy and we strongly hold ourselves accountable.

Specifically, when working for our clients, we aim at building solutions that are:

  • viable economically and environmentally and socially sustainable;
  • creating positive impact for consumers as well as for employees;
  • thought for the long term and for the interests of generations to come

What we do

Our goal is to bring meaningful innovations to market, by turning intuitions into proven opportunities and by creating Minimum Viable Products in the shortest possible timings. We do this through 2 main activities:

  • The “Innovation Bureau” – A structure set to conduct 3 to 4 months “Innovation Challenges” – Meant to detect and understand market trends linked to the digital revolution, quickly imagine and prototype new products and services based on identified market opportunities; 
  • The “Studio” – A startup launch-pad dedicated to large corporations willing to explore new markets, usages and technological territories, test new business models and seize the opportunity to create upcoming business development levers.



This structure provides our clients with a real innovation booster: with us, our clients go from an intuition to having an MVP on the market within 10 months.

Our value proposition

Above anything else, the value that we are delivering to corporations is swiftness for their innovation ambitions.

We built Possible Future with the core belief that, to generate innovations which are both meaningful and ready-for-market over the course of a few months, 3 core competencies had to be brought together: Business, Design, and Technology.

Our entire methodology aims at bringing together the best of these 3 worlds, and to consider all 3 with equal importance. Thanks to this “magic formula” of ours, we provide our clients with the capacity to detect, build and launch innovations at the pace of a startup.

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