New Hires

What we look for

We exclusively look for alphas: people that are undeniably smart, empathic and generous. We value these qualities more than a diploma or credentials.

Hiring process

Interested in joining our adventure and having fun? We are constantly looking for talented people to join us, so please contact us, either on LinkedIn or at

You will first meet with three to four team members, with different profiles and seniority level. And if both agree that you seem like a good fit, you’ll be invited to meet the general manager and the CEO!

We issue permanent contracts (CDI) to all of our new hires. No need for temporary contracts when we believe in you.

Compensation: Salaries & Equity

We’re pretty open about our salary and equity policy: all of our compensations are shared and transparent within the entire team. As simple as that. Here is how it works:

Our salaries are solely based on our level of experience. At Possible Future, everyone within the same range of experience level is offered the same salary, regardless of their field of expertise, or any other factor.

Fair salaries are very important to us as it ensures our attractiveness to talent and the sustainability of our growth. We want to bring great people in, and reward them with the fair level of salary.

Our equity policy follows the same logic. We made the decision very early on that we wanted to distribute equity to all employees. This materializes the ambition that the company and its success belong to every teammate.

Every new hire is granted with shares in the company, in the form of equity options.

The allocated share depends on two factors:

  • the risk taken, which we measure by the size of the company at the time of recruitment;
  • the position within the company: with more commercial activities and higher expectations, the more senior you are, the higher a stake in the company’s development you have, the higher equity you are rewarded with. As for salaries, our equity distribution is open and shared within the team. We think that demystifying salaries and equity in such a way contributes to the cohesion and trust within the team. If for any reason, you feel like you deserve a different compensation or package you are offered as a new hire, we invite you to explain why in a short and well-reasoned paragraph. Your request will then be shared to the entire Possible Future team, who will make a collective decision. In the future, we want to follow the footsteps of Buffer and Hanno, two companies which have paved the way to complete pay transparency, to the point where each employee chooses his/her own salary.

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