The Start‑Up Studio

Excubate corporate startups

After the third phase of our Innovation Bureau Challenges, the prototype phase, we have a ready-to-launch concept, with a minimum viable product and a go-to-market plan.

To step-forward, our clients can choose between two main scenarios:

  • decide to launch the product, service or new business by themselves, internally. In this case we’ll help them the best we can;
  • decide that the concept will be best launched as a stand alone startup, externally. In this case, we’ll immediately create the NewCo and initiate the launch phase in order to hit the market within a very limited timeframe (3 to 6 months). One or several members from the team that led the Challenge (or a Possible Future employee that feels extremely passionate about the new business we are launching) will be in charge of heading the launch phase, to structure the company, develop the product, hire the founders (CEO, CTO, etc) to hand them the startup over in due course (if he/she doesn’t become the CEO him or herself) and launch in market to acquire the first clients and prove in-market fit. The founders will be in charge of growing the business to reach break-even.

Building startups of our own

And when not working for a client, we build our own innovation projects, which we believe the economy and people need. To conduct these innovation projects of our own, any team member can spend up to 20% of his or her time on an idea that she/he wants to develop and form a team. She/he will follow the same methodology as the one we use for Innovation Bureau challenges.

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